General Regulations: - 2009 V1

Eligible vehicles
The series is open only to vehicles originally manufactured and/or originally sold by Toyota or Lexus.

Classes –
Class A1: Over 1600cc Forced Induction.
- Modified vehicles with non standard turbocharger housings.

Class A2: Over 1600cc Forced Induction.
- Vehicles must retain standard turbocharger housings – internal turbo modifications such as hybrids are allowed, the turbocharger must retain an internal wastegate.

Class B: Up to 1600cc Forced Induction
Class C: Over 1600cc Normally Aspirated
Class D: Up to 1600 cc Normally Aspirated
Class E: Diesel
Class F: Up to 1000cc Normally Aspirated

Modifications within class limits as follows

1-1, Body shell must be originally manufactured by Toyota.
1-2, Roll cages, strengthening and seam welding is allowed but not space frames.
1-3, FWD to 4WD conversions – allowed, engine must stay transverse.
1-4, FWD to RWD conversions – allowed
1-5, RWD to 4WD conversions allowed, engine must stay inline.
1-6, Perspex type side and rear glass – allowed, but must be bolted in place.
1-7, Laminated glass front windscreen - mandatory
1-8, Cabriolet MR2-Spider must be fitted with rollover protection to MSA spec Q1.5, which is a main hoop and rear stays fixed to chassis as a minimum
1-9, Any T/bar glass or accessory type sunroof glass must be removed. We advise vehicles with factory fitted sunroofs to cover the glass with security film and keep the interior cover closed when competing. Sunroofs must remain closed whilst competing.
1-10, Bonnet and Bootlid/Tailgate may be replaced with lightweight versions.
1-11, GRP or carbon bonnets and tailgates must be secured with bonnet pins in addition to standard fixings.
1-12, Doors may be lightened or replaced with grp/carbon versions only if a roll cage with door bars is present. Standard door cards may be removed, but the inside of the door must be covered in alloy, plastic or kevlar sheet.
1-13, Suspension & brake modifications are free.
1-14, Body kits – allowed

2-1, Engine block must be Toyota.
2-2, Engine conversions (ie: swaps) are allowed as long as appropriate brake and suspension modifications are also carried out – some conversions may be require more stringent safety equipment – Please contact our technical advisor with full details of modifications.
2-3, Engine modifications are free, subject to class restrictions.
2-4, Fuel – must be petrol or diesel.
2-5, Methanol – only permitted in water injection systems - not as a main fuel
2-6, Nitrous oxide – Not allowed

3-1, Only E marked radial tyres will be allowed.
3-2, No slicks
3-3, Tyres marked “competition use only” or “Not for highway use” are not permitted.
3-4, No tyre cutting allowed
3-5, Must be road legal and have a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth throughout the event.
3-6, No tyre warmers permitted

Vehicle Safety:
4-1, All vehicles will be subjected to scrutineering and at least should be roadworthy to MOT safety standards. The driver is responsible for ensuring the car fully complies with the regulations – being passed by the scrutineer is not a guarantee that it is fault free – every detail cannot be checked every time.
4-2, All cars must have a valid MOT* where applicable (i.e. cars of 3 years and older)
*If the vehicle is registered in another EU country then it must have the MOT equivalent from the same country.
4-3, Front and rear lights, indicators, brake and hazard lights, front wipers and horn must be in working condition.
4-4, Headlight glass must be protected against breakage by tape or security film.
4-5, Road tax not required
4-6, Batteries must be securely mounted, and if inside the passenger compartment, they must be contained in a sealed non conductive box (this includes gel type racing batteries)
4-7, Battery positive terminal must be covered and negative battery lead should be covered in yellow tape to identify it.
4-8, Fuel lines inside the car must be metal or braided steel and no joins will be permitted within the passenger compartment.
4-9, Fuel systems mounted in the boot area must be separated from the passenger compartment by a firewall. Where a fuel system is filled from inside the vehicle a suitable drainage system must be in place to drain spilt fuel to the outside of the vehicle.
4-10, No loose or hanging pipes/wires
4-11, Exhaust system must exit between the rear wheels
4-12, Wheels and tyres must be free from defects and are not permitted to touch or extend past the bodywork.
4-12b, No aluminium wheel studs allowed.
4-13, Wheel bearings, ball joints, suspension and steering free from defects
4-14, Foot brake system operative
4-15, Hand brake system operative
4-16, No major fluid leaks
4-17, Seats and seatbelts secure
4-18, Handheld extinguisher - advisable
4-19, All vehicles must be equipped with towing eyes, one at the front and one at the rear. They must be clearly visible, or have an arrow or ‘tow' painted on the car directing sight to the towing eye itself if located out of sight.
4-20, In the event of an impact the organisers reserve the right to re-inspect the vehicle before it is allowed to return to the circuit.
4-21, If a vehicle does not have a roll cage, competition seat and full harness, the vehicle interior around the driver must stay in place. ie. dashboard, steering column covers, centre console and drivers door panel (as per reg 1-12) must be fitted and there must be no sharp or protruding edges etc.
4-22, Class A1 cars are required to carry a minimum of 1 hand held fire extinguisher, of at least 1.75kg capacity. The extinguisher must be AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) be securely mounted and fully charged.
It is strongly recommended that all competing vehicles carry an extinguisher to the above standard.

Driver Safety:
5-1, Drivers must hold a full European Union road license, which you will need to present at signing on along with your vehicle safety declaration form and MOT certificate (where applicable)
5-1b, All competitors must hold an IOPD Competition license. These will be available on the day of the event at a cost of £5 for a day licence, or £15 for an Annual Licence.

5-2, Crash helmet. The requirement for the Toyota Sprint Series is a helmet conforming to BS6658 Type A ( blue & white BSI sticker), AFR ( red & white BSI sticker) or Snell SA2000. There are loads of companies that will sell you one of these (Demon Tweeks, Grand Prix Racewear etc.).
Javelin have helmets available for hire at events at a cost of £10 per day (subject to availability)
Note that in an open top car you need a closed face helmet. Open faced helmets can be used in 'tintops' or in convertibles with the hood up.
With regards sizing - measure around your head just above the ears; small = 55-56cms, medium = 57-58cms, large = 59-60cms, extra large = 61-62.

5-3, Class A2 to Class F, Covered arms and legs at a minimum, we recommend a race suit to EN533 as a minimum.
5-4, Class A1 Drivers – Race suit to be worn at all times when competing, the minimum requirement is EN533.

In car Cameras:
6-1, Video and photographic equipment is allowed in car, but the installation must be secure, and checked by an official. No handheld equipment is allowed.
6-2, You must obtain consent in writing from a Toyota Sprint Series official before public broadcasting is allowed, including internet broadcasting.
6-3, Some events may not allow in car cameras.

7-1, Unless stated, all events will have a maximum noise limit of 102db, tested at ¾`s of rpm range at a distance of 0.5m.
If a car is over the Council's official limit, the car will not be allowed onto the circuit. This decision will be final and neither Toyota Sprint Series, nor event organizers Javelin will have any jurisdiction against the decision.
7-2, Anti lag systems are banned.
7-3, Launch control is ok if under the noise limit of 7-1.
7-4, Any car persistently backfiring will be excluded.

Vehicle Branding:

8-1, All vehicles entered in to the Toyota Sprint Series agree to accept our terms and conditions regarding vehicle branding.
8-2, It will be a condition of entry that all competing vehicles will display official sponsor logos in the designated position on their vehicles.

9-1, All results posted at the finish of an event will remain provisional for 15 minutes.
9-2, Results are final after 15 minutes, unless a protest is lodged in writing with an event steward.

10-1, If any senior experienced participant should object to the condition or suitability of the course at least 30 minutes prior to the start of a competitive run then the course should be modified or the event postponed. Objections can only be over ruled when at least 5 equivalently experienced participants counter sign and record the time and date on their Event Entry Forms accepting the course to be acceptable and fit for purpose.

10-2, Should a participant feel strongly aggrieved by any decision or ruling made by the Organisers, Championship Co-ordinators, Clerk of the Course or Championship Stewards. An appeal may be lodged with the Championship Organisers no later than 48 hours after the event. The Appeal must be made in writing and be accompanied by a fee of £100. Appeals will be adjudicated upon by the IOPD who will remain impartial. If the Appeal is found to be justified then the appeal fee will be refunded. Otherwise it will be used to cover Appeal Hearing costs and any balance will be used to benefit the Championship

Pit Area:
You will be allocated space in the pit area by class.
It is essential to work safely, especially when refueling.
No Smoking whilst refueling is taking place.
Petrol must be stored in suitably marked containers.
Oil spillages – must be cleaned up and we advise the use of drip trays.
The jacking up of vehicles must be carried out proficiently and axle stands should be used at all times.
Rubbish – must be placed in bins or taken home with you at the end of the day. We aim to leave the pits in a better condition than when we arrived.
You must obey speed limits in pit areas usually 10mph.
No testing, wheel spinning, doughnuts, showing off etc in the pit area
Failure to adhere to the above may get you excluded from the event.

Right to entry
TSS reserve the right to withold or bar an entry from anyone found to be bringing the sport as a whole, TSS or it's sponsors and associates in to disrepute.
Anyone found to be abusing the above will also be banned from using this forum.


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